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You Are Essential – One Year and Counting

Thanks to our transportation networks, our nation has been able to confront the COVID-19 pandemic. Now with the vaccine distribution, the trucking industry continues to help us get through this pandemic. No matter what you are hauling, you have played an essential role in keeping our country going. Thank you for your hard work during these difficult times.

Consider Downtime Coverage for Your Truck

If your truck is not on the road, you are not making any money. If your truck is involved in a covered loss, you can still get paid if your truck is not on the road. How is that? This coverage provides you with a payout each week that your truck is not on the road and is in the repair shop. To qualify you must meet three conditions:

  1. The insurance carrier gives the okay to repair the truck.
  2. The insured gives the repair facility the okay to repair.
  3. The vehicle is out of service for repair because of a covered loss and is in the custody of the repair facility.

Contact us to discuss this great coverage and to learn about certain restrictions and details. It is available as a part of other coverage, so be sure to inquire about your options.

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Is There Still a Driver Shortage? Why?

Even with the COVID-19 pandemic, there is still a driver shortage. A few reasons include driver violations for drugs like marijuana and equipment repairs. If your truck is not on the road, you are not making any money.

The best way to protect your trucking business is to keep your fleet of vehicles well maintained.

Strong Growth Expected for the Trucking Industry

American Truck Associations are anticipating tonnage to increase by 25.6% by 2030. They are also predicting revenues will increase 53.8% over the next decade.

Tesla Semi-Truck Production

Back in November 2017, Tesla gave a presentation on their electric semi-trucks. Even though production has been delayed, they continue to examine many ways to improve their design. They are even looking into ways to create long haul trucking for a 800-1,000 kilometer range. Tesla is finally moving this project forward and has recently posted job listings to begin the production. Telsa is taking $20,000 refundable reservations to order a Semi now. The base price of a 300-mile range is $150,000 and a 500-mile range for $180,000.

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