General Liability Insurance Roseville, CaliforniaWhen it comes to insuring your trucking company, there is a lot to consider. Not only do you need to protect your own valuable rig, cargo you transport and others on the road from property damage and injury in the event of an accident.

One risk that we discuss with most clients of ours is a General Liability Insurance policy. General Liability covers a wide range of claims made against you including, but not limited to medical expenses incurred, property damage and bodily injury claims.

Why does my trucking company need a General Liability Insurance Policy?

Most businesses should carry a general liability policy to protect the business you’ve built. Accidents happen and when they do, it is better to be over-protected, than underinsured.

How much does General Liability Insurance Cost?

The cost of a general liability policy is much less than the cost to insure a commercial truck because claims are far less frequent and typically less severe. The only way to find out what your costs would be is to contact an agent in our office to get a quote. We take only a few minutes to produce and then you can decide if this is the right option for your trucking business.

What are some examples of General Liability Insurance Claims?

  • A customer visits your office and trips on a tie down strap left in the parking lot
  • Your driver loses his temper and causes bodily injury to another person while working for you.
  • You drive over an area closed off from traffic and cause some exposed pipes to collapse

Please note that all claims are subject to an investigation and the examples above are for illustrative purposes only.

Not every company would be eligible for trucker’s general liability policies. For instance, some companies exclude fleet companies from having a truckers GL policy.

Because we specialize in truck insurance, we can help you determine the right amount of coverage and the company that fits your needs best. We represent many of the top-rated insurance companies in California, Nevada, Texas, Arizona, Oklahoma, Idaho, Oregon, Washington, Arkansas, Illinois, Colorado, Florida, and Utah!

Enjoy peace of mind while you’re on the road knowing our team of licensed commercial truck insurance agents have reviewed your coverage and helped you get the best coverage at the best pricing.