Preventing Commercial Auto & Truck Theft

Trucking Insurance Roseville, CaliforniaWhen it comes to preventing theft with your commercial truck or auto, the old saying goes, prevention is better than cure. Each year in the U.S., there are millions of dollars in theft of commercial vehicles as well as commercial vehicle cargo.

So, what can you do to prevent theft of your cargo or commercial vehicle?

Leaving the vehicle unattended in a parking lot waiting for delivery can be an easy target for thieves. Crimes of opportunity occur when the vehicle is parked even for short periods of time and someone quickly gets away with some cargo, or in rare instances, the entire vehicle.

Educating your employees about common crimes, theft and schemes that exist is important and your first line of action. There are instances when thieves will try to collude with the driver in order to partner with them and split the profits from stealing the cargo. If your drivers are aware of the schemes and the consequences they may be less likely to commit the crimes.

Preventative measures such as not leaving the trailer detached from the tractor in remote or unsecured areas as well as using security devices like Air Cuff Locks can help. There are also high-security container lock systems as well as GPS technology to help locate a stolen container and trailer.

While more complex scams exist, securing your vehicle is always the first step of prevention.

What Coverage Do You Need For Theft on Commercial Vehicles?

If you’re the victim of commercial truck theft or cargo theft, be sure that you have the right insurance policy to protect your vehicle and the valuable cargo.

Cargo insurance provides a cost effective way to cover your customer as well as yourself from physical loss or damaged goods in transit. It is important for you to discuss with your agent what company can insure your goods from theft as well as damage in transit.

Comprehensive Insurance can provide you with coverage for your vehicle and trailer in the event that they are stolen.

Understanding your commercial truck insurance as well as cargo insurance is critically important to your success and business. Talk to a licensed agent in our office about these coverages and others that are available.