Looking for a Long Haul Insurance Broker?

Long Haul Truck InsuranceLooking to find insurance coverage for your long haul truck business? Contact Network Truck Insurance Services in Roseville, CA. Our agents specialize in truck insurance policies and can help you find the best rate for your business.

Long Haul Truck Drivers Are Unique

Since you carry loads for hundreds of miles and state to state, you need an insurance policy that suits your needs. Your trucking business is slightly different than the average truck driver. By speaking with one of our truck insurance specialists, we will help you determine the insurance coverage you need that is based off of your hauling. Whether you haul for 200-300 miles or do long hauls over 500 miles, our agents can search to find the right truck insurance for your needs.

How Our Agents Help Save You Money

Many choices – Since we specialize in truck insurance, we represent the top truck insurance companies. After learning more about your business, we can find the appropriate coverage you need. Once we determine your coverage needs, we will quote you through several truck insurance companies to find you the best rate. Additional ways to save money include:

Choosing a Higher Deductible – This will likely lower your insurance rate.

If You Have a Good Driving Record – Similar to a personal auto insurance policy, the better your driving record, the better your rate.

Choosing The Right Coverage – This is where our agents help. After asking a series of questions about your truck business, we can determine the best insurance coverage for your needs. We can go over in detail the different types of coverages. Then, you can decide what works best for your truck business.

Long Haul Truck Insurance Coverage Options

Liability – this coverage can protect you if you cause property damage or personal injury from an at-fault accident.

Physical Damage – this coverage option can protect your truck and equipment.

Cargo – this coverage can protect your cargo if is it lost or damaged due to a fire, collision and more.

If you need a free quote for long haul insurance, contact our agents at Network Truck Insurance Services in Roseville, CA. We can write truck insurance policies in California, Nevada, Texas, Arizona, Oklahoma, Idaho, Oregon, Washington, Arizona, Illinois, Colorado and Florida. We help a lot of truck businesses across the United States! You can request an insurance quote through our website or call our agency. We look forward to earning your business.