• Livery Insurance in California

    Livery Insurance Roseville, CA

If you’re a for-hire driver, you need a special commercial auto policy known as Livery Insurance. Livery insurance is a type of commercial auto policy that covers vehicles that are being used to generate revenue from transporting people.

Taxi Drivers Insurance

If you’re a taxi driver, you’ve put more miles on the road than most! While you’re no doubt an experienced driver, you will need to obtain an insurance policy just for taxi drivers. This taxi driver insurance policy is known as a livery insurance policy.

Limousine Drivers

Limousine drivers are on the road to entertain! While you’re transporting your guests in your vehicle, you are doing your best to give them a good time. Be sure you and your passengers are safe by having the correct type of insurance policy – a livery insurance policy!


Uber and Lyft drivers have a few options for their insurance coverage. Visit our Rideshare Insurance page for more information about this special type of insurance.

Livery insurance is typically more expensive than a standard commercial auto policy. Be sure to ask your agent about discounts you may be eligible for.