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NTIS Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

NTIS has been providing commercial transportation professionals, their insurance needs for over 27 years. We’ve collected our most frequently asked questions over the decades and if you don’t find an answer here, we’re always happy to answer any other questions.

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To work for a broker, you will need to prove that you have insurance to legally operate in the state in case a claim arises.

A certificate is simply proof of insurance whereas an additional insured names the broker/entity on the policy and provides additional protection for that entity in the event of a claim. It also ensures that should the policy cancel for any reason the broker/entity is notified ahead of the cancel date.

A waiver provides added protection for the broker/entity in the event of a claim. It basically states that your insurance is primary and your carrier will not try and recover loss expenses from the broker/entity.

DMV processes items in a day by day fashion. Even though something is faxed, mailed or emailed to them it is piled up and is not processed until the DMV gets to items on that date. Typically, DMV processes about two weeks out.

The commercial DMV does not have a walk in office and regular DMV offices are not trained to handle commercial specific items. You best option is to call 916-657-8153 and speak to a commercial representative.

Midterm truck purchases are always added to the existing policy. You will have to make a down payment for the coverage and then the balance is added to existing monthly payments.

It is always best to pay your payment to the company who invoices you. Our office can take payments for the finance company and some direct bill carriers but we have to then forward said payment and it can sometimes slow the payment being credited.

By law in California, carriers have 60-80 days to return funds for any deletions or cancellation. Most carriers take around 70 days to return funds.

Yes, all increases in coverages will require a down payment. Our staff will advise you of what is required prior to adding anything.

All changes that decrease or delete coverage must be submitted in writing. This is for your protection and ensures that we process the change exactly as requested. You can fax or email our office at any time.

In most instances we can provide a quote within 24 hours. Some carriers will take a bit longer if they need additional info or the risk is complicated.

Each policy is different but most commonly policies are effective the day after you make the down or any future date discussed with your agent.

All drivers must be listed on the policy BEFORE they are allowed to drive your equipment. Claims reported with unlisted drivers can be subject to declination, large surcharges or cancellation.

For coverage to apply all units must be listed on the policy.

Simply put, auto liability covers your potential damage for the movement of your truck and trailer. Transportation general liability covers you for business operations that are related to your trucking operation but do not involve the movement of the truck. An example is that you are using a mobile loader to load your truck and hit someone’s building causing damage. There are other types of General Liability that covers a larger range of exposures and you can consult your agent for the best coverage option if you are requested to provide this coverage.

If you have a DMV filing there is statement on the proof of insurance stating “carrier agrees to insure all commercially owned and operated equipment” this means that if a claim occurs involving a unit that is not listed on your policy, the carrier still has to pay and liability claims. Because of this, the carrier will require certain documentation from you to prove that you no longer own or operate equipment once insured or inspected in your name.

Typically, all filings requested are issued within 24 hours.

California state minimum liability is $750,000. Check with your broker to see if they have additional requirements as most ask for $1,000,000 liability and can also want cargo or physical damage coverages as well.

Typically, 30 days from the inception date of the policy.

We interact with many of the larger brokers and try to keep records of what their requirements are but we cannot always know if changes in requirements occur. It’s always best for you to have a copy of broker requirements while obtaining quotes so you will not have to revise coverages after the fact.

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