Truck drivers face special risks in the work they perform, and workers compensation insurance for commercial transportation is designed to protect employees in the case of accidents or injuries they may suffer on the job. Workers compensation is mandated for employers and is designed to provide coverage for the loss of wages, medical expenses, disability, and in the case of death benefits for the employee’s beneficiary. If you employ drivers in your business, you are required to carry this coverage.

Commercial transportation drivers carry specific requirements related to workers compensation. For example, many truckers are regarded as independent contractors which differ from the needs of those classified as employees. Truck drivers often enjoy their freedom as an independent contractor and employers are required to provide appropriate workers compensation coverage for them, even though independent contractors can generally be excluded from normal compensation insurance programs.

There are commercial transportation workers compensation programs that are available in these situations that vary in the benefits they provide. Examples of these benefits include accidental death, total disability, and accidental dismemberment. They may also include specialized benefits for the trucking industry such as chiropractic, hernia and hemorrhoid benefits. It is important that you carry the appropriate coverage for your small business to keep you and your drivers protected. At Network Truck Insurance Services, we provide many options and programs to keep you safe. Call today for a free quote or contact your current agent to find out which workers compensation policy is right for you.