What do I do when my vehicle is recalled?

Auto Insurance Agent Roswell, CAVehicles being recalled in the United States is a common problem; in fact, one that happens around the globe, not just here at home. But, what do you do when your vehicle is recalled? Where do you start? How do you know what to do? These are common questions, one that we’ll address today in this post.

Start by Seeing if your Car was Impacted by the Recall

Just because your model year and make was recalled, doesn’t necessarily mean that it will be impacted by the recall. Manufacturers change distributors and parts throughout the year, so the best way to check is to input your VIN. You can check to see if your car was recalled by going to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administrations website. Click on the yellow button that reads “Search for recall by VIN.”

If you’re purchasing a used car, this is also a great place to start to ensure the vehicle you purchased doesn’t have an outstanding recall that you should address before purchasing the vehicle.

You Should Get some Mail

Because you have to register your vehicles, you should receive a notice via mail that your vehicle is likely impacted by a recall. This letter will typically inform you to contact your dealer to schedule a service. In the event the recall is considered very dangerous, the letter may go as far as to tell you to not drive the vehicle any longer.

How Much is a Recall Going to Cost Me?

The great news for consumers is that a safety recall will be fixed free of charge. If you happen to have repaired the affected part prior to the recall occurring, you can ask the manufacturer for reimbursement. Keep in mind though, you will not likely be given a loaner vehicle while the vehicle is being repaired, so plan on being out of the vehicle for a day or so unless the recall is something simple. EX: like a new sticker that replaces one with wrong information. One last thing to note here is that if your vehicle is recalled and you do nothing for 10+ years, the manufacturer will be off the hook to repair after this time.

Is this a Common Problem?

Most all manufacturers experience recalls. In fact, http://edmonds.com reported that over 61 million vehicles were recalled in 2014! While this is a staggering number, this is from all vehicles, not just model year vehicles. So, when GM recalled 7 million vehicles in 2014 for the ignition problem, this was for vehicles manufactured in 1997-2014. So, just because you have an older vehicle, doesn’t mean you won’t be affected by a vehicle recall.

Do All These Recalls mean Vehicles Are Becoming Less Safe?

Quite the contrary! According to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety improved vehicle design and safety technology have resulted in a steady decline of fatal accidents. In fact, 9 vehicles reported zero fatal accidents in the 2011 calendar year. They also reported that the smaller the vehicle, the higher the risk of fatal accidents. The bigger, typically the less risk.

If you have questions about your auto or truck insurance, call the insurance agents at Network Truck Insurance Services. 

California Truck InsuranceMaintaining a healthy lifestyle, especially during these challenging times with the COVID-19 pandemic, is very important for every truck driver in America. Here are four ways to stay healthy on the road.

  • Choose More Nutrient Dense Meals

There are a few ways to do this.

First, start packing your own meals.

Packing your own meals will not only save you time and money, but it can also help save you calories. Instead of focusing on what not to eat, focus on what you should eat more of. Food choices such as vegetables, fruit and other higher fiber snacks and meals is a great start. Want to pack your own meals? Consider buying a cooler that acts as a refrigerator for your truck. All you have to do is simply plug it into the accessory plug.

If you are dining out, consider choosing meals that are vegetable dense. Skip the fried food if you can or look up the calories on a restaurant’s website. All these things can help.

Again, instead of focusing on what not to eat, focus on eating what you should be eating more of. If you have the mindset of eating as many vegetables, fruit and other higher fiber meals, you are off to a great start.

  • Move Your Body

Driving = sitting for hours and hours on end. Many truck drivers may experience easy weight gain from lack of movement as well as high calorie food choices. So, find a way to move your body as much as you can. Ideas: dedicate 30 minutes of walking, make a habit of doing body weight strength exercises such as pushups or squats outside of your truck, or even find time to hit the gym. Any effort in moving your body is positive.

  • Follow Good Hand Hygiene

We all know the importance of good hand hygiene with the COVID-19 pandemic. Wash your hands often, but also wash your hands well. Experts say washing your hands for 20+ seconds and thoroughly washing between your fingers, on top of your hands or scrubbing the tips of your fingers is all beneficially.

  • Get Quality Sleep

There are many ways to get quality sleep, but the first step is making sleep a priority. Shoot for 7 hours a night. How can you get good, restful sleep? Create a dark environment, consider a white noise machine or wear ear plugs to block out noise, limit caffeine intake 5 hours before bedtime, limit or avoid nicotine and other stimulants and lastly, make sure you have a good pillow!

While we can’t keep you healthy or make your lunch, we can find you a great rate on truck insurance. Contact the agents at Network Truck Insurance Services for a quote with our top carriers to help you find the best rate. Contact us by calling us, emailing us or filling out a quote form through our website. We look forward to earning your business!

California Truck Insurance AgencyIt isn’t uncommon for people to type into a Google search bar, “best place to find car insurance” or “best insurance rate.” There are many ways to purchase an insurance policy but there are countless benefits of buying from an independent agent.

As an independent insurance agency, we want to explain why buying your insurance policy through a company like ours is always the best option.

First and foremost: Choice. 

We represent multiple, top-rated insurance companies. Some great local ones as well as some nationally recognized names. This means you get the best coverage and pricing from many of the best companies in your state. Our licensed agents will search our network of great companies to find you the best rate and coverage on your car, truck or business insurance policy! One call to us can save you hours of time.

Secondly: Options.

We can discuss what coverage options we feel would be best for your specific needs. We can explain what happens when you have specific coverage options vs. not having the coverage options. We can shop your deductible and let you choose a lower or higher and show you the differences in your premium all with the click of a mouse. With this information you can make the choice on what works best for you. We always want to make sure you fully understand your options so you can make an informed choice on your insurance policy.

Thirdly: More discounts.

Being an independent insurance agent, we also will search for available discounts. Whether it is bundling multiple policies together or finding other ways to save you money, we understand saving money is important to all of our customers. We take pride in finding you discounts! If you are unhappy with your insurance price at renewal time, let us requote you with one of our other carriers.

Lastly, we’re local!

We work and live in your community. We are always a quick phone call or email away. If you need to add a vehicle, remove a vehicle, get a quick quote on a vehicle you’re interested in buying, we can help. You can get this information over the phone or we can email you options for you to review at your convenience.

Insurance can be confusing which is why the best place to find an insurance policy is through an independent insurance agent. We will answer your questions, provide you with many coverage choices and will find ways to make your insurance coverage affordable. Contact us by calling our office, requesting a quote through our website or simply emailing us.

Auto Insurance Agent Roseville, CAIf you’re searching for a new auto insurance policy and the company or agent tells you you’re “high risk” what exactly does that mean and what can you do to improve that?

While there is no real definition of what a high risk driver is, high risk drivers typically fall into one of the following categories:

  1. Too many speeding tickets or moving violations
  2. Accidents on their CLUE report
  3. Suspended driver’s license
  4. DUI/DWI or other major violations like reckless driving
  5. Excessive Speed violation
  6. Fatal accident history

Even if you don’t fit the criteria listed above, you may still experience higher than normal insurance premiums because of your:

  1. Credit history
  2. Age (new driver or elderly)
  3. Exotic or Sports car
  4. Lapse in your insurance coverage

Being a high risk driver does mean you’ll experience higher premiums. Additionally, many insurance companies will refuse to insure you or limit your available coverage you may purchase. The best remedy to fixing your high risk status is to clean up your driving habits. Over time you can regain your status as a preferred driver and get better insurance premiums and more choices.

If you have questions about your auto insurance or want a quote, contact our agency. We can help find you the best rate and coverage.

Trucking Insurance Roseville, CaliforniaAt Network Truck Insurance Services, we understand truck insurance. Whether you are just starting a truck insurance business or have been in the industry for 20+ years and are looking to find a better truck insurance rate, we are here to help you.

So, when you are shopping for truck insurance in California, what should you look for?

A local insurance agency that specializes in truck insurance 

We consider ourselves experts because our sole focus is helping trucking businesses. Our founder, Alan Robison, recognized the transportation industries’ need for expert agents, solid insurance markets and exemplary customer service. He then set out to create an agency that would meet all those needs in one location. Network Truck Insurance Services Inc. continues to thrive in the insurance industry and remains focused on our number one priority; our clients. Our expertly trained agents provide insurance coverage and superior service with A-rated carriers. We are committed to providing our customers with the knowledge, market availability and service needed to meet various transportation insurance needs.

Other benefits of working with a local truck insurance agency in California –

Ease of service – Your local, independent insurance agent can service your insurance policies, so if there is a problem there is only one number to call if you have questions about your policy. Your agent also lives in your area so they are able to be honest and let you know if you really need specialty coverages.

Understand your insurance coverage – Your local, independent insurance agent is an expert when it comes to the insurance world. If you are confused to the meanings of Comprehensive, UMBI, PIP or any of the other coverage options, your agent will be able to explain your coverage in plain, easy-to-understand language. When you purchase any type of insurance, there are a lot of ins-and-outs to consider, your agent will be there to walk you through your coverage and make sure that you understand what may or may not be covered.

Adaptability – We understand your needs may change overtime. With one simple phone call or email, we can update your existing policies with ease.

Several coverages all in one place – We cover all trucks including box trucks, dump trucks, semi-trucks, flatbed trucks, tow trucks, tank trucks and more! With several coverage options to choose from, we can provide multiple quotes for you to choose from. Best of all, we write insurance not just in California, but in Nevada, Texas, Arizona, Oklahoma, Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Florida, Colorado, Utah and Arkansas.

Best Commercial Truck Insurance Rates in CaliforniaWhen many people think of a commercial auto insurance policy, they may think of big vehicles such as semi-trucks, box trucks, garbage trucks, etc. However, there are many variations of vehicles that would qualify for a commercial auto insurance policy.

How to Determine If You Need a Commercial Auto Insurance Policy

If you are using your vehicle or your employer’s vehicle for business purposes, you need a commercial auto insurance policy or endorsement. For instance, many people are working in the gig economy in jobs such as delivering food with your own vehicle or doing rideshare. It is important you have the right insurance coverage. If you do get into an accident where you are making a food delivery and damage your vehicle or someone else’s property, your standard personal car insurance policy will likely not cover you. Contact our agents with any questions you may have.

Here is a quick reference to help you determine if you need a commercial auto insurance policy:

  1. Using your vehicle to carry business equipment
  2. Freight transportation
  3. Towing vehicles
  4. Delivering food or goods (Amazon drivers, food delivery drivers, newspaper delivery)
  5. Using your vehicle to chauffeur people (Uber or Lyft Drivers, taxi service)
  6. Transporting material

How Is A Commercial Auto Insurance Policy Different Than My Personal Auto Insurance?

Since your vehicle is being used for business purposes, there are different risks that need to be insured. Additionally, the rating system used by companies is entirely different than a personal auto policy. Each commercial policy needs vary, so have a discussion with your agent to discuss your specific policy limits. For business owners with many vehicles to insure, business auto fleet policies are available. Additionally, consider adding a commercial umbrella policy above and beyond your standard commercial auto policy to protect your business from a catastrophic vehicle accident claim.

How Much Does Commercial Auto Insurance Cost?

Just like your personal auto insurance policy, a commercial auto insurance policy is rated on many factors. Here are a few common examples of what could determine your insurance rate.

  • Driving records
  • Driver age
  • Credit history
  • The size & type of your vehicle
  • The number of vehicles you are insuring
  • What you plan to transport

Not Sure What Kind of Coverage You Need for Your Business?

That is where we can help. Our agents can help determine what type of coverage will be the best fit for your specific needs. If you plan to use your vehicle for business and personal purposes, we can help you determine an appropriate type of policy. If you are only looking to cover your vehicle for business use, we can help find you the best rate. We will explain all of your options so you understand your policy. Get a free commercial auto insurance policy by calling or emailing us.

Long Haul Truck InsuranceLooking to find insurance coverage for your long haul truck business? Contact Network Truck Insurance Services in Roseville, CA. Our agents specialize in truck insurance policies and can help you find the best rate for your business.

Long Haul Truck Drivers Are Unique

Since you carry loads for hundreds of miles and state to state, you need an insurance policy that suits your needs. Your trucking business is slightly different than the average truck driver. By speaking with one of our truck insurance specialists, we will help you determine the insurance coverage you need that is based off of your hauling. Whether you haul for 200-300 miles or do long hauls over 500 miles, our agents can search to find the right truck insurance for your needs.

How Our Agents Help Save You Money

Many choices – Since we specialize in truck insurance, we represent the top truck insurance companies. After learning more about your business, we can find the appropriate coverage you need. Once we determine your coverage needs, we will quote you through several truck insurance companies to find you the best rate. Additional ways to save money include:

Choosing a Higher Deductible – This will likely lower your insurance rate.

If You Have a Good Driving Record – Similar to a personal auto insurance policy, the better your driving record, the better your rate.

Choosing The Right Coverage – This is where our agents help. After asking a series of questions about your truck business, we can determine the best insurance coverage for your needs. We can go over in detail the different types of coverages. Then, you can decide what works best for your truck business.

Long Haul Truck Insurance Coverage Options

Liability – this coverage can protect you if you cause property damage or personal injury from an at-fault accident.

Physical Damage – this coverage option can protect your truck and equipment.

Cargo – this coverage can protect your cargo if is it lost or damaged due to a fire, collision and more.

If you need a free quote for long haul insurance, contact our agents at Network Truck Insurance Services in Roseville, CA. We can write truck insurance policies in California, Nevada, Texas, Arizona, Oklahoma, Idaho, Oregon, Washington, Arizona, Illinois, Colorado and Florida. We help a lot of truck businesses across the United States! You can request an insurance quote through our website or call our agency. We look forward to earning your business.

California Hot Shot Truck Insurance AgencyIf you own a trucking business running expedited freight, you need an insurance policy just for your business. Typically known as “hot shot trucking,” your business can carry loads of cars or freight for one or more customers. Your vehicle of choice can be anything from a three-quarter ton truck to a one and a half ton truck with a gooseneck trailer.

Insurance options for Hot Shot Trucking are similar to other commercial auto policies but tends to carry higher limits:

  • Liability Insurance (both for injury as well as property damage)
    • Get into an accident where you are considered at fault? Liability insurance can cover the cost for medical bills, pain and suffering, repairs or replacement of the other driver’s vehicle.
  • Physical Damage Insurance (to protect your vehicle and trailer)
    • Collide with something or experience theft, fire, vandalism or other damage? Physical damage insurance can cover your expenses.
  • Cargo Insurance (to protect your load) 
    • If your load is damaged due to fire, theft, vandalism or collision, cargo insurance can cover the cost. This can be a valuable coverage option for many truck businesses.

How Much Does Hot Shot Truck Insurance Cost?

Like any insurance policy, it depends on several factors including what type of vehicle you are driving, your driving history, where you live, etc. We have seen policies for around $2,000 a year for local haulers in California. The best way to find out the price of an insurance policy is to call our agency. Our agents can shop specific coverage for your business, search for insurance discounts, then provide you with several quotes from our top insurance carriers. Since we specialize in truck insurance, we can explain your coverage options and find you the best rate and coverage for your trucking business. We write insurance policies in California, Nevada, Texas, Arizona, Oklahoma, Idaho, Oregon, Washington, Arkansas, Florida, Colorado and Illinois! We help a lot of truck businesses!

It is important to know that Hot Shot Trucking is not a common insurance coverage that a lot of insurance carriers desire. You’re in a specific niche and that can lessen your ability to find agents or insurance companies willing to write it.

Fortunately, we’ve developed a network or relationships with many insurance companies and can find you the right insurance coverage for your hot shot trucking insurance company. Call or email our agency to start your free hot shot insurance quote.

What to do if you get into a car accident in Roseville, CABeing in a hit and run accident can be a very frightening event. Being prepared to know how to handle the situation when it occurs will help you deal with the shock of it, as well as ensure you are covered for the loss when it does happen. While hit and run accidents will happen to almost every driver, whether their car is parked and unattended, or while they’re driving, knowing these things will help you deal with the unfortunate situation.

Safely park your vehicle: If you happen to be driving when the accident occurs, safely pull the vehicle over to the side of the road. If possible, carefully write down the license plate and description of the vehicle that struck you. This will aid police in locating the driver. Often time, your vehicle will be struck in a parking lot while unattended. In the event this happens, look for any signs of the other vehicle. Is their paint transfer that would indicate the color of the vehicle? Is there a note on your windshield? Are their security cameras such as at the gas station?

Assess any Injuries: If someone is injured, take care of their immediate needs and quickly call 911. It is typical to be jittery after such an event so catch your breath too.

Call police: Once you’re safely parked, you’ll need to get a police report. Many police stations will not respond if there are no injuries, so you’ll want to still turn in a police report for the incident. Many insurance companies will require this documentation in order to use your UMPD (uninsured motorist property damage) insurance coverage.

Gather any witness information: If anyone is standing there and offers you their statement, jot down their phone number and name. Your insurance company will want to talk with any witness to the accident.

Call insurance company: Sometimes even though vehicles collide, the damages may be limited, so you’ll want to take a close look and determine if you want to pursue a claim. While hit and run accidents may be a scary encounter, they may not require body work to your vehicle. Also keep in mind that if you don’t carry the correct coverages for hit and run (often times referred to as uninsured motorist property damage) your claim will be handled under a collision loss. Deductibles will likely apply in both cases.

While we hope you never have to experience a hit and run accident, being prepared will help you tackle the unfortunate situation. If you have questions about your insurance policy, contact our agents.

Best Truck Insurance Agency CaliforniaConsider Sunday, June 28th a day to think about your current insurance policy. While this can be a good time to do annually at your renewal, you may have been thinking about your policy again since COVID-19 hit.

Reach out to your agent.

We can do an in depth review of your current insurance policy based off of your current situation. We can look for any gaps in coverage and explain in detail your limits and what it means.

  • Other things to think of – have you done any home remodeling or have items in your house appreciated? If so, make sure to let us know so your policy is up to date.
  • Will you be making any big changes that may affect the amount of insurance coverage you need?
  • Are you considering other insurance policies?
  • Are you car or home shopping?

Are you a business owner?

Has your business made any changes with added or removed staff, services, products, etc.? Have you moved your business to an at-home business? If so, reach out to us regarding an endorsement so you are covered. Out agents can review your business insurance policy. There are many ways to ensure your business is covered whether it’s through a business owner’s insurance policy, workers comp, cyber liability, general liability and many more options.

Safety measures for your business

Let June 28th be a reminder of all the safety measures your staff should be practicing while at work. This is something your team should do at least once a year. Have can you lower your risk for an injury at work?

Insurance gives you a great sense of security. Whether it’s protecting your assets or your loved ones, let us help you ensure you have the best coverage.

Why working with an Independent Insurance agent matter

Independent Insurance Agents represent multiple top-rated insurance companies. This gives you more choice in coverage, pricing, payment options and discounts when shopping for all of your insurance needs. Not only do independent agents represent better choices, coverage and pricing, they are also a part of your local community which means they understand the unique risks, challenges and companies who have the best pricing in your area.

When you’re looking for insurance for your car, truck, business or other product, know that picking an independent insurance agent is the right choice. You’ll get comparative quotes so you can decide which company fits your insurance needs best.