AB5 & The Trucking Industry

Truck Driver Insurance Coverage California

Truck Driver Insurance Coverage CaliforniaLike many of our clients, we are concerned about how the passing of AB5 will affect the trucking industry. We are working closely with our carriers and partner associations to understand the industry impact and how best to help our clients adapt their business insurance to meet the new law requirements. There is a lot to understand, plan and prepare for.

We strongly believe that the trucking industry has a powerful platform capable of great influence regarding reform of AB5 which will help the legislators revise the current law to protect the disadvantaged it was intend to, but also create an even stronger transportation industry. While a daunting outlook lies ahead currently, we believe with understanding and perseverance, our clients will help shape revisions to AB5 that will have lasting positive effects on the industry for generations of successfully independent truckers to come!

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